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Design & Consultation

Design & Consultation

 Home and Business Accessibility for All Abilities Since 1992


For over 25 years Universal Design Specialists has offered Accessibility Consulting, design, plans, and specialized equipment supply for residential homes & public spaces. We are committed to designing spaces that allow our Clients to live safely, independently and with dignity regardless of their age, ability or disability and reducing work related injuries to caregivers.

Our focus is on the needs of Clients with disabilities & catastrophic illnesses and reducing injury to  caregivers. We are familiar with many of the muscular dystrophy’s and have extensive experience in consulting & designing to their very specific needs. We also offer our services to Senior Clients wishing to remain in their homes as their mobility reduces. Regardless of the specific need anyone with reduced mobility can benefit from our years of experience.

Our expertise facilitates developers, builders and corporate entities looking to build with these specialized principles in mind. We are also available for Specific ADA consulting needs.

In 2008 we obtained Advanced Certification as a Green Builder and added Sustainable Consulting Services to our offering. We aspire to the belief that Universal Design and Green Spaces go hand in hand and believe that one is incomplete without the other. Healthy environments should always be part of the design if one is to strive for a complete solution.

To accommodate the many individual needs that arise we offer a choice of services that enable our Clients to select the services that are most valuable to their specific needs:

Specialized consultation is available hourly or on a per project basis for each project. This includes phone consultations, review of plans, site assessments, onsite consultation, safety assessments, accessibility consulting, ADA consulting, assistance with Life Care Plans & Project Management. We are available to consult worldwide. We have completed projects all over the USA as well as outside our borders and as such our Consulting & Design Services are available without boundary or border limitations.

We can provide a full set of permit ready Construction Plans. These typically include full Specifications for specialized equipment, product & materials necessary to achieve a complete Universal/Green project. Upon request we will submit and obtain the necessary permits from the required building jurisdictions.

Project Management:
We offer our services to assist with specific project management needs. Our commitment is to providing the service as needed and remain open to considering each and every individual project on its own merits. We can customize to the needs of your project.

Accessibility and ADA Consulting:
Our goal is to assist businesses, property owners and individuals in resolving accessibility issues in public locations. Whenever possible we endeavor to get involved before an issue has escalated. If we are retained after this has occurred we work diligently to identify the most complete, working and affordable solution that will satisfy the needs and the law. Our goal is ultimately to provide for the need and prevent the case escalating further. When this is not possible we offer Expert Witness Services.

Expert Witness:
Previous Clients have included Insurance Companies, Workers Compensation organizations Bank Trusts, Estates. Life Care Planners and injured individuals. Having represented both major corporations as well as injured parties we always consider the merits of each case to assure that our contribution will provide the intended result before agreeing to serve. We are committed to an unbiased professional opinion using the facts at hand combined with our extensive knowledge in the given area.

Teaching & In-Service Training's:
Acting as educators we teach Universal Design to students & therapists at educational facilities and training's to professional organizations. We also offer In Service meetings showcasing the specialized equipment we recommend.