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J5-2300 Power Access Residential handicap door opener Jamb Mount Package

 Included in this residential door opener package:

  • 2300 Jamb Mount Power Access Automatic Door Opener for right or left hand hinge installation
  • Two (2) 4440TK hand held remote controls
  • 4560S electric door strike lock
  • 4403BB battery backup
  • 4437S Wireless keypad key-less entry

This Power Access remote door opener package includes Free Shipping in 48 States (UPS Ground). For shipping to Hawaii or Alaska please contact       
Sales Tax due in CA only!

Packages are not-returnable except for factory defects!

Before you order remember to submit your completed 2300 Survey Form to assist the factory in verifying that what you have ordered will function as intended. By completing this Survey we can help to verify that your order is correct.

Model 2300 Helpful Notes:

2300 Residential Automatic Door Opener for Jamb Mount Installation

To activate the wireless receiver in this automatic door opener you will need a coded keypad one of our optional hand held remotes or a wall mount handicap door button. These will activate the wireless signal telling the handicap door opener to open the door. The swing door may be opened manually but resistance will be felt on the hinged door.

Electric strike lock.
You will need to purchase our electric strike lock #4560S if your door system includes a latch to keep the door closed. The function of this handy accessory is to push the door latch away from the door jamb thereby enabling the door to open unrestricted. Without this our power assisted door opener will automatically shut down when it senses too much resistance at the latch to avoid damage to the motorized door opener equipment. If the door swings freely and does not latch or you can install the blank strike plate included with your order to cover the latch, you will not need the electric strike. **If you are not able to open the door by pushing against it with your back without touching the door handle, you will need the electric strike.

Keyless Entry.
We offer a coded keyless entry #4437S to enable secure access from the outside should you prefer this option to a hand held remote or handicap push button.

Battery Backup.
Should you need the automatic door opener to function even when the power goes out our #4403BB battery backup for emergency egress is your best choice. This is only necessary if you are physically unable to open the door manually and no one is around to assist you.

Installation Ease
• Complete instructions are packed with every handicap door opener
• No modification of the door or door jambs is required
• Plugs right into a regular 115vac wall outlet-9ft cord and plug included
• Virtually maintenance free (a couple of drops of oil and a bit of grease every year is all it takes)

Versatile Applications
• Fits in most interior and some exterior hinged doors
• Left and right hand handicap door operators available
• Jamb mount (push door open) or door mount (pull door open)

Dimensions: 12.75 W X 6 H X 3.5 D
(Door Mount on pull side needs 3 1/2" back clearance and 3" above top of door for arm hub)
Weight: 10lbs.
Electrical: 115-1-60 (9ft power cord)
Cover: Gray ABS plastic
Cycle Time: 7-8 seconds to open and 7-8 seconds to close

Considerations when selecting this residential automatic door opener:

The door and door frame must be plumb & square.
The swing door should not stick to the jamb, or move in the jamb during different seasons.
The hinged door should move effortlessly into the door-frame without weatherproofing causing any resistance while the door is closing.
When installed on a hinged door into our out of a garage, the hinged door should be operated separately from the garage door to avoid pressure affecting the cycling of the motorized opener.
Our available electric strike or ball spring needs be installed to hold the door closed failing which it will move with any draft.
The door should include a door stop at 90 degrees to prevent the door from opening beyond 90 degrees resulting in damage to the attached door arm.
Our model 2300 residential door opener should not be installed on an exterior out-swing door due to potential damage from wind shear while it is open.

Installation Instructions

2300DL Instructions 03-23-15.pdf
2300DR Instructions 03-23-15.pdf
2300JL Instructions 03-23-15.pdf
2300JR Instructions 03-23-15.pdf



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