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Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Door Openers for Handicap and ADA Access into Businesses and Homes.

Submit a Survey Form now for quick assistance choosing the correct automatic door opener and accessories for your Do it Yourself installation needs. Have questions? Skip to FAQS where you'll find all your answers, videos, helpful links and more about our handicap door openers .

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Packages include a handicap door opener and accessories grouped into kits with our lowest pricing. Many options available that best fit your swing door installation.

Complete packages include our most popular auto door openers with a handicap push button switch in a variety of combinations.

For ADA compliance in CA where four power door actuators are required choose from Jamb or Door Mount kits with or without radio control operation.

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Shop for an electric door opener for houses .  Add the accessories of your choose separately for your unique door system and specific door layout.

Choose your mounting preference for an ADA compliant door opener for businesses and add accessories as you wish.

For an ADA push button door opener choose from a variety of surface mount handicap switches to activate your automatic door opener. Available both wired and wireless

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Select accessories to complete your handicap door opener installation by choosing accessories that are compatible with our handicapped door openers.

Complete an easy to submit Survey Form. By answering a few questions about your installation we can guide you to the remote opener and accessories for your specific installation needs.

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the power access ADA door openers and watch videos demonstrating these automatic door openers in action.

Don't let that swing door be a "Dead End"-Consider door automation and welcome people of all abilities into your business with one of our ADA door opener systems. Offering disabled access for those in wheelchairs or anyone with limited mobility is easy with a Power Access handicap door opener. They are US made in Connecticut and are high quality, durable and made to withstand repeated use over time. Our ADA door openers have been made in Connecticut for over 35 years and are superior to any knockoff imported automatic door opener on the market. Our customer service and integrity in how we do business also exceeds anything one will find with products made off-shore.

Our options for door automation are either to open a swing door with our high traffic Model 4300 ADA door opener or our personal-use Model 2300 Residential door opener. We offer a range of complimentary accessories such as coded keypads, handicap button switches, a exterior weather-proof door closer and everything necessary to complete your ADA door opener installation. Our swing door operator works on all hinged doors and is available as a door mount or jamb mount application. Our electric strike accessory pushes the latch away from the jamb and enables even a locked door to become an automatic door for full handicap access.

An ADA commercial use automatic door opener will hold the door open and a separate door closer will close the door once it reaches the selected time limit. The door can still be be opened and closed manually without resistance of any type using our 4300 handicap door opener commercial model as the arm is not permanently attached and thus does not create any resistance to the door or wear on the opener.

Our residential automatic door opener will both open and close doors as the arm is permanently attached. As a result this swing door opener is best for applications where the door will be used as an automatic door the majority of the time as frequent manual operation of the door will reduce the life of this model. Both our handicap door openers offer freedom for disabled people but choosing the correct model will directly affect how well it will perform for you over the years.

Guide to Choosing Handicap Door Openers from Universal Design Specialists

Use this step by step guide to assist you in selecting the correct automatic door system.

Step #1.  Determine the Model
A Model 2300 Residential Automatic Door Opener
is for use when the automated opener will be used for a personal residence where the door will be opened almost entirely using the automatic door system. It is not recommended for out-swing exterior doors as high wind can damage the attached arm while the door is open. If the door is opened manually more than occasionally, the 4300 commercial automatic door opener is the best choice.
A Model 4300 Handicap Door Opener is for use in any public location such as a church, office building, hospital, government installation etc. or in a home environment when the door will be used manually rather than entirely with the automatic function of the opener. 
Step #2.  Determine Mounting.
Choose if you will mount your handicapped door opener on either the jamb above the door or on the door itself. The correct application depends on the direction your swing door opens from the inside of the building since the handicapped door opener needs to be installed inside and totally protected from weather.  Deciding which direction you open the door will determine which mount is appropriate for your installation.

  • A jamb mount unit pushes the door open.
  • A door mount model pulls it open.

Step #3. Determine the clearance for the mounting you have chosen.
Minimum clearances for door mount and jamb mount models are required and are different for the residential and commercial openers.
For the 2300 automatic door opener residential model

  • Door mount openers require a minimum clearance of 3 ½” behind any door when it is fully open to 90 degrees if there is a wall behind the open door.
  • A jamb mount door opener requires at least 3” of clear space between the top of the door and the ceiling for adequate clearance for the automatic door operator.  

For the 4300 handicap door opener commercial model

  • Door Mount model needs 8 ½” clearance space behind the door.*
  • A jamb mount commercial ADA door opener requires at least 5½” above the door.**

*If you don't have 8½” of clear space behind the door but can recess a pocket into the wall at least the size of the opener in order to achieve 8½” clear space, a door mount opener will work.

**If you don’t have the necessary 5½” clearance above the door but have a tall door (around 8ft high), an inverted jamb mount unit is a possibility. The inverted jamb mount model fits below the door frame and pushes the door open requiring an added head clearance because it protrudes down from inside the door jamb.

In either case a glass transom above the door does not pose an issue as long as you have at least 2½ ” of frame around the glass or door to attach the handicap door opener.
Step #4.  Model 4300 Requires a Door Closer.

If you have determined that you need a Model 4300 ADA opener you will need a door closer on the opposite side of the automatic door opener installation. Without this the door will remain open until closed manually. UniversalDesignSpecialists.com offers a high quality door closer rated to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. In areas with extreme winters this option is a worthwhile addition. In mild winter climates a regular door closer rated for exterior installation may be used. (Model 2300 does not require a door closer).
Step #5. Power 
Determine how far a standard 110v power outlet is from where the automatic door opener will be installed. Each Power Access models include a 9ft power chord or an optional 20ft power chord is also available. Just check the box on the order form if you need the longer cord which can save time and money by not having to move an outlet.
Step #6.  Strike or No Strike

Do you need an Electric Door Strike to accompany your ADA automatic door opener?
If your door is latched an electric strike plate will push the latch away from the door frame so that the opener can open the door. Without this the safety feature on the opener will just reset itself to avoid damage to the opener when it senses too much resistance.  If the door is not latched and swings freely an electric strike is not necessary.
Step #7. Wired or Wireless

When ordering the Model 4300 ADA door opener you will need to choose between a wired or wireless handicap door button switch.
Wireless handicap buttons are very simple to install and require that a wireless receiver be installed at the factory to render the button wireless. This option must be selected at the time of ordering as it cannot be added later. Although there is a small increase in cost, labor costs are typically reduced as a result of not having to run and embed wire from the wall switch. (The Model 2300 comes standard with a built in wireless receiver).
Step #8. Switches
Consider how you would like to activate your automatic door opener mechanism. Choose from wired and wireless handicap buttons as well as weather resistance or interior switches . For exterior use it is important to use a wall mount handicap button control rated for freezing conditions. Hand held remote control switches similar to a standard garage door opener are a popular choice for remote activation with the model 2300 residential handicapped door opener. A coded keypad is another secure option to open and close an automatic door.
Step #9 Battery Backup
Does your handicap door opener require battery backup? Battery backup with Power Access handicap door openers is necessary when the user relying on the automated door is physically unable to manually open the door and there is no one who may be able to assist during a power failure. Any door fitted with a ADA automatic door opener can easily be opened manually as long as someone is physically able to do so.
Step #10 Hinging
When pushing your door open what side are the hinges installed on? This is always determined from the "push" side of the door as it determines if you need a right-hand hinge or left-hand hinge unit. You will be asked this question when placing your order. If however you make a mistake when ordering, the hinging can be corrected when doing the installation-its just adds time to do so.
Other important considerations:
A typical installation can take between 2-6 hours based on how many components are included in the ADA automatic door opener package and the experience level of the person completing the work. In general a skilled handy person, carpenter, contractor or electrician completes the installation although it would not be prohibitive for a skilled homeowner to do so. We supply detailed installation instructions so if you have ordered the correct combination of equipment, supported by your completed survey and follow the instructions, your handicap door opener should install without issues.

Now that you have read this step-by-step guide to ordering your automatic door opener we trust that you can easily answer the necessary questions when submitting one of our short Automatic Door Opener Survey Forms.  By doing so we can confirm that you are considering ordering the correct model and related accessories to work with your specific door.

For Videos of the model 2300 and model 4300 automatic openers plus a variety of helpful links such specification sheets and installation instructions, please visit our FAQs where you will find more than just answers to our most commonly ask questions.