Walk In Tubs

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All our walk in tubs for seniors, walk in tub shower and other walk in bathtub options are offered with your choice of air jets and water jets, chromatherapy and aromatherapy, an ozone sanitation system and Roman tub faucet package. We also offer walk in tubs for elderly with a choice of in-swing, out-swing or sliding door options.
Our Best Bath Systems walk in bathtub as well as our Big E bariatric handicap tub include a lifetime guarantee on the entire walk in bathtub and not just the door seal. All our EZ Access handicap bathtubs include free shipping and usually ship in only 2-3 days.

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Walk In Tubs Frequently Asked Questions:

How many models of walk in tubs does EZ Access offer?

   • We offer 14 different models of walk in tubs and 2 models of wheelchair accessible handicap bathtubs. Two of our 14 models of walkin bathtubs include front access out-swing doors. Each model is also offered with all our most popular options listed below.

What options does EZ Access offer on their handicap bathtubs?
   • In addition to our deep soaking tubs all our EZ Access walkin bathtubs are offered with water or air jets & a combination of both. We also offer Chromatherapy & Aromatherapy, a neck rest and a 4-piece faucet set with a hand held spray & hose. An extension kit is included at no charge with many of our walk in tubs. Can you explain the jetting system offered with your walkin bathtubs?
   • Our Hydro jet system on our EZ Access walk in tubs provide a deep soaking tub with (6)-360 degree directional and fully adjustable water jets and an inline heater that maintains a consistent water temperature.
   • Our Air jet system on our EZ Access handicap bathtubs provides (16) warm air bubble massage jets, adjustable up to three speeds with a self cleaning feature and an internal heater.
   • Our Dual jet system on our EZ Access walkin bathtubs provides a combined hydro and air system consisting of 22 finger-tip adjustable jets for the ultimate in bathing experience. Do you have a walk in tub for narrow doorways?
   • Yes we have walkin bathtubs as narrow as 26” wide.

What is meant by Wheelchair Accessible handicap bathtubs?
   • The door on these EZ Access tubs is much larger than the typical door on our standard walk in tubs and swings out rather than in. The seat is set close to standard wheelchair height which may allow a disabled user who is able to complete a lateral transfer to access our tubs.

Does EZ Access offer any large handicap bathtubs?
   • We offer a 36 x 60 x38 walk in tub for people seeking a larger walk in tub which only requires 70 gallons on average to operate. We also have two wheelchair accessible models where the entire larger door swings out rather than in as is typical with walk in bathtubs. These units allow a wider opening to access the tub and may be the favored choice for users seeking larger access.

Are EZ Access handicap bathtubs available with front access doors?
   • We have two front access walk in tubs available. The first walk in tub is 32x38x38 and the second is 31x40x40. Both walk in tubs offer wider out-swing doors for excellent access. Do EZ Access walk in tubs require an extra large hot water heater?
   • On average our tubs only require between 40 & 60 gallons of water to operate effectively with even our largest walk in bathtubs only requiring 70 gallons of water. Hot and cold water are mixed for personal preference so in most cases a standard how water heater will be adequate to operate your choice of walk in tub assuming a 40-50 gallon tank being standard in your area. Is a heater offered with EZ Access walkin bathtubs?
   • Both our air and water jet systems include a heater which will help maintain the temperature in our handicap bathtubs while the jets are operating. This system assumes warm water in the tub from the hot water heater in the home & will not heat cold water.

Do EZ Access walkin bathtubs have any safety certifications?
   • Yes our tubs are one of the few walk in tubs to carry UL, ETL & IAPMO safety ratings and certifications.
Is shipping included with your EZ Access walkin bathtubs?
   • Yes all our tubs regardless of the model include free shipping anywhere in the US or Canada. In addition all options ordered at the same time also ship free with our handicap bathtubs. What warranty is offered with EZ Access walk in tubs?
   • A lifetime warranty is offered on the door seal and a 15 year warranty is included on all our EZ access walkin bathtubs.

Where are EZ Access handicap bathtubs made?
   • All our walkin bathtubs are manufactured in Florida and shipped all over the US & Canada.

How long does it take to ship your EZ Access walkin bathtubs?
   • Typically all our walk in tubs ship out of the factory in 5 days and often as little as 3 days. Adding your choice of jet system can add a day or two. Occasionally a larger volume of orders may add slightly to shipping times. We focus on shipping all our walk in tubs as quickly as possible so that you may enjoy your bathing experience in the shortest period of time.