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Wheelchair Bathtubs:

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Wheelchair Bathtubs Explained:
A wheelchair tub is different to a regular handicap bathtub in that access is enhanced by way of an out-swing door rather than the more typical step through door available with standard walk in tubs. In the standard application a user needing to access a handicap bath tub will be required to step over a curb somewhere between 4” -7” and step through a relatively narrow in-swing door to gain access which is not always possible for everyone depending on their level of mobility.

With a wheelchair tub this out-swing door is substantially larger than the smaller door available with other walk in tubs and as it swings out it allows for a lateral transfer from a wheelchair. These handicapped tubs are also good possibilities for larger users as the larger opening provides easier and safer access into the tub.
The seat on the wheelchair tub is typically at around 21” in height which allows for an easier access from a standard wheelchair to someone who is able to complete a lateral transfer.

As with most disabled bathtubs these wheelchair tubs are available with options such as air jets, water jets or dual jets and some manufacturers also provide added comfort options which include aroma therapy, Chromatherapy & a neck rest pillow. Also sometimes available is an option for an Ozonator and a rapid drain system.

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