Model 4300 Automatic Door Opener Commercial Unit

The Power Access 4300 automatic door opener is a quality US Made, handicap door opener intended for high use commercial and public applications as well as some residential installations. This electric door opener is ADA compliant when correctly installed and represents the best choice for an ADA automatic door opener on the market today.Automatic Door Openers These automatic door openers allow the door to swing freely when used manually and as a result require a quality door closer on the opposite side of the automatic door opener commercial unit. To verify that you are ordering the correct equipment we require submittal of our Survey Sheet with your order which can be e-mailed or faxed to (800) 481-1821. Orders cannot be processed without this Survey. Click images below for full product details.

Commercial Automatic Door Opener, Door Mount

Power Access Model 4300 door mount Automatic Door Opener is designed to be installed on in-swing high use doors & is ADA compliant when correctly installed. It is mounted on the back of the door & pulls it open. See below for Complete Details.
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Our automatic door openers are designed to provide for easy opening and closing of interior and exterior doors in high use public applications. They are ADA compliant when correctly installed. This 4300 door mount handicap automatic door opener is intended for most commercial applications when the door opens inwards (pulls the door open towards the interior of the building). The electric door opener is attached to the door and requires at least 8 1/2" of clear space on the back of the door when the door is opened at a 90 degree angle assuming a wall present behind the door when open.

Included with the Beige 4300 Opener (for 4301 bronze unit add $35)
• Adjustable timed hold opener
• Stainless steel scuff plate
• Miscellaneous installation hardware
• On/off switch
• 9' power cord with three prong plug (optional 20' cord also available-must be ordered with our handicap door openers commercial)
• Bland latch stainless steel strike plate
• Two 6 1/2" intallation safety decals

Installation Ease
• Complete instructions are packed with every remote door opener
• No modification of the door or jambs is required
• Plugs right into a regular 115vac wall outlet
• Virtually maintenance free (a couple of drops of oil and a bit of grease every year is all it takes)

Versatile Applications
• Fits on most interior and exterior door applications
• Left and right hand door openers are available
• Jamb mount (pushes door open when opening to outside) or door mount (pulls door open when opening to inside)
• Inverted model, for limited room above the door-if ceiling is less than 5 1/2" above top of door
• Deep reveal and door mounted door opener units for special applications

An Array of Companion Controls
• Push Plate Wall Switches (wired & wireless). Weather box switch avaailable to exposure to elements.
• Push Button Wall Switches (wired & wireless)
• Coded Hand-Held or Pendent Remote Controls
• Keypad Keyless Entry Systems
• Electric Door Locks (Strikes)
• Door Closers-high quality architectural-fully adjustable-rated to minus 30 degrees
• Battery Back-ups

Built in Safety Features
• The handicap automatic door opener arm is not attached to the door. A wheel at the end of the door opener arm rolls against the face of the door or trim above the door, pushing or pulling the door open (depending on door or jamb mount installation) allowing for the door to be opened manually without encountering any resistance at all
• The door can always be opened manually from either side without involving the electric door opener
• Traffic flow is not hindered by the ada door opener - door swings freely when opened manually
• Always used in conjunction with a conventional manual door closer, either surface-mounted or concealed
• A built-in load sensing circuit automatically stops the remote door operator arm and returns to the closed position if the door meets an obstruction
• Thermally protected drive motor
• Hold-open time of the door is adjustable up to 30 seconds in length


18 1/2"W X 8 1/2"H X 7"D

Requires at least 51/2" above top of door for Jamb Mount units & at least 8 1/2" for Door Mount unit between door and wall behind door when door is open to 90 degrees. (Refer to the Inverted Jamb Mount model tab for extra high doors-8'0 or taller.)

Weight: 19 lbs
Electrical: 115-60-3 (9ft power cord-optional 20ft option also available)
Cover: Beige painted welded steel frame with ABS plastic housing ( Optional Bronze upgrade-add $35)
Cycle Time: 7second cycle time

Top View:
Top View

4300 Helpful Notes

The 4300 automatic door opener commercial is designed to function in high use commercial & public applications. It is ADA Compliant when installed correctly.

The arm of the handicap door opener does not attach to the door so the door swings freely without resistance until the wall switch is activated which sends a signal to open the door. A door closer is always necessary on the opposite side of the handicap automatic door opener to close the door.

Handicapped door openers should always be installed on the inside of the building to protect them from the weather and possible vandalism.

The jamb-mount electric door opener pushes the door open and door-mount automatic door opener pulls the door open. The type of unit you will need to order is determined by evaluating if you need to push or pull the door open with the door opener mounted on the inside of the building.

We require the use of our weather box wall switch for exterior installations as it is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and will last considerably longer than our regular non-weather box switch. No warranty is provided on any non-weather box switch when installed outside

While all our switches are available both wired and wireless (with 9v battery), our Model 4300 ada door openers require factory installation of a remote receiver in the unit so that it may receive a wireless signal. This must be included with the initial order and cannot be added later.

Model 4300 Automatic Door Opener FAQ’s

What is the difference between the 4300 & 2300 automatic door openers?

  • The Power Access Model 4300 handicap door openers are designed for commercial use and is ADA Compliant when correctly installed. It may also be used for residential applications with an automatic door closer.

Where is this auto opener manufactured?

  • Our automatic door openers are all US made and have been manufactured in Connecticut for over 30 years.

Can the door be used without the automatic opener?

  • As the arm of this door opener automatic is not attached, the door will function regularly until the button is activated sending a message to the unit to open the door.

Can this model be installed on any door?

  • Handicapped door openers work on the pull & push side of a hinged door as either jamb mount or door mount. They should always be installed out of the weather. A door mount unit is typically installed on an in-swing door and a jamb mount on an out-swing handicap automatic door.  

Is this automatic opener easy to install and how about maintenance?

  • The 4300 commercial automatic openers are easily installed in 2-4 hours and typically only require a drop or two of oil and some grease is annually.

What options are available with the 4300 automatic openers?

  • All our door openers automatic are available with a choice of wired & wireless wall switches & hand held remotes similar to a garage door opener. A coded key pad system is also available as is an electric door lock for added security.

Can I open the door during a power outage?

  • The Power Access automatic door opener functions manually during a power outage. For users who are not able to operate a manual door we also offer a battery backup system.

How long does it take for the unit to open the door?

  • These handicap door openers open the door in a seven second cycle time. It includes an adjustable timed hold open feature for 0-30 seconds or a hold open feature that requires a signal to close. A separate door closer must   be installed on the opposite side of the opener in order to close the door.

Do I need electrical nearby for my automatic door opener?

  • A 9ft power cord is supplied with the automatic door opener to plug into an outlet. A 20ft cord is also available as an option.