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Automatic Door Openers

Our automatic door openers have been made in the US for over 40 years. We offer commercial and residential handicap door openers with battery backup and all the necessary accessories. The model 4300 automatic door opener is ADA complaint when correctly installed.

ADA Compliant Handicap Door Openers

Our Power Access 4300 automatic door opener is ADA compliant when correctly installed. It is available with wired & wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, electric door locks, a coded keypad, a weather-proof door closer and a battery backup. Every handicap door opener includes detailed installation instructions. Completion of our required Survey assures that you receive the correct components to easily install your handicap door opener commercial application without issues.  Skip to FAQS

Automatic Door Openers Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I submit a completed Survey with my order?
•    We want to make every reasonable effort to assure that you are ordering the correct combination of equipment. The only way we can do this is to review the set up of your unique installation. More than 50% of the time we discover that our customers have not ordered the correct equipment or left something out. Your Survey helps us reduce the mistakes in ordering that will cost you restocking charges and return shipping to correct the error.

Is there an option to order without a Survey?
•    Yes you can check the box stating that you understand the risk of not supplying a Survey and waive the right to return any product by not submitting a Survey. In this case no exceptions will be considered for return of any product.

Do I need a specialist to install an automatic door opener?
•    Our automatic door openers are very simple to install and require almost no maintenance other than a couple of drops of oil and some greasing annually.

•    They are easily installed by a skilled handyman or carpenter. Each automatic door opener includes detailed and simple installation instructions. No modifications of the door or jamb are necessary and they plug right into a standard 110v outlet.

Should I use the model 4300 or model 2300 automatic door opener?
•    The model 2300 automatic door opener is for all residential applications and the 4300 automatic door opener is used in all commercial & public applications. Both handicap door openers function very well when installed in the correct application.

Are your automatic door openers ADA compliant?
•    Yes our model 4300 commercial automatic door opener is ADA compliant and this is why it is our most popular handicap door opener for all public applications.

What else will I need to complete my automatic door opener installation?
•    You will need to decide what type of switch to use in operating either of our handicap door openers. We offer a choice of wall plate switches (wired or wireless), single button controls which are similar to a garage door opener and keypad entry options.
•    If the door opens to the outside and needs to be secure you will also require an electric door lock which secures the door & opens automatically when the automatic door openers receive a signal.
•    If you select a wireless switch with one of our 4300 handicap door openers the factory will need to install an additional wireless receiver in the unit to accept the wireless signal. The 2300 automatic door opener includes the wireless receiver at no additional cost.

Will I need a door closer with my any of the automatic door openers?
•    Our 4300 commercial automatic door opener pushes or pulls the door open when signaled to do so but as the arm does not attach to the door a separate door closer is required to close the door. We offer high quality door closers that function well with our openers.
•    The arm of the 2300 residential handicap door opener is attached to the door which opens and closes the door when a signal is received, so a door closer is not necessary.

Do your switches and accessories work with other openers or applications?
•    As this is not our area of expertise and we are not able to guarantee a positive result we recommend seeking some other solution if you are not using one of our automatic door openers.

Do the automatic door openers install on the door or on the wall above?
•    We offer both door and jamb-mount units. The versatility of our both our handicap door openers allows for onsite modification in minutes if the incorrect mount is mistakenly ordered.

Can I install my automatic door opener on an out-swing or in-swing door?
•    Yes both our automatic door openers work well on either application & can be installed on a left or right hinge door as well as on the push or pull side of a door.

Are your automatic door openers installed on the inside or outside of the door?
•    To prevent damage from severe weather and possible vandalism all of our handicap door openers should be installed inside.

Do you have an exterior switch for areas with severe weather?
•    Our #4495SQWR wall switch is designed for severe weather conditions and is recommended for all locations when severe weather is possible or where the switch will be unprotected from the elements.

Is manual use of the door affected by your automatic door openers?
•    Our two handicap door openers are designed for different applications and should be ordered accordingly.
•    The 4300 commercial automatic door opener arm only comes in contact with the door or jamb when the automatic door opener receives a signal to open the door. At all other times the door swings freely which is why this is the best application for commercial and public applications.
•    Our 2300 residential automatic door openers arm is attached at all times to the door and while geared at a high ratio like a 5th gear in a car, there will always be some resistance on the door when opened manually which makes this model of our handicap door openers best for residential and individual use applications.

Where are your automatic door openers manufactured?
•    All our handicap door openers are US made and have been manufactured for over 30 years in Hartford, CT.

How long will it take before I receive my automatic door opener?
•    Both the model 2300 residential automatic door opener and the model 4300 commercial handicap door opener typically ship from our East Coast factory in 2-3 weeks. Expedited production may also be available for an additional $150 which will reduce the production to only 2-3 days from receipt of order in our factory (EDT). Our Free shipping includes UPS Ground. If you need overnight or two day air, please call us for a quote.

Can the automatic door opener timing be adjusted?
•    Yes both our models 4300 & 2300 automatic door openers can be manually adjusted for a hold open up to 30 seconds or set to require a manual signal to close when the user is ready.

Do you offer after sales support?
•    In addition to support from the dealer we also offer excellent factory customer support on all our handicap door openers.




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