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Automatic Door Openers

Don’t let that door be a dead end, open it and welcome anyone into your home or business. Allow independence for handicapped customers and friends with Power Access automatic door openers manufactured in Connecticut for over 35 years. Choose from a heavy duty ADA Compliant Automatic Door Opener or a light use Residential Handicapped Door Opener and find all the accessories needed to complete your door opener installation. As a Power Access dealer since 1995 Universal Design Specialist provides true expert assistance to help you choose exactly the right electric door opener and accessories for your unique installation.
Save yourself a head ache and submit one of our Electric Door Opener survey forms carefully designed to simplify making the correct mounting, switch and accessory choice for your door. Click “submit” and we will provide specialized recommendations to suit your individual needs. As for pricing, save up to 25% and free UPS ground shipping when you buy online. It's that simple. Shop now by visiting one of the categories below or skip to automatic door openers FAQS where you'll find loads of information.




Packages include ADA openers and accessories grouped into kits to simplify ordering. Many options for the kit that best fits your door and unique installation needs.

Handicap Accessible Door Opener kits include openers and switches in a variety of mixes. Our most popular conmbinations of openers and switches.

Choose from a Door Mount or Jamb Mount residential automatic opener. Lots of detailed information to help you choose which application is best for your door.




ADA Compliant Door Opener in Door Mount or Jamb Mount options.  Add accessories according to your unique installation and door layout. Offering the choice of wireless and wired units.

Choose from a variety of switches to activate  your electric door opener.  We offer wired and wireless remote switches. You choose your  prefrence.

Choose from a large selection of accessories for your remote access door opener.  These items complete the installation requirements for your individual door layout and design.

Automatic Door Opener Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I submit a completed Survey with my order?
•    We want to make every reasonable effort to assure that you are ordering the correct combination of equipment especially as every application is unique. Understanding how to order a complete system can be confusing the first time and we have found (after 25 years as a Power Access dealer) that often the incorrect equipment is ordered or it is incomplete. Your Survey helps us assure that you are ordering everything correctly and saves you restocking charges and wasted time correcting an error.

Is there an option to order without a Survey?
•    Yes you can check the box stating that you understand the risk of not supplying a Survey and waive the right to return any product by not submitting a Survey. In this case no exceptions will be considered for return of any product.

Do I need a specialist to do the installation?
•    Our door opener are simple to install and require almost no maintenance other than a couple of drops of oil and some greasing annually. A skilled handyman, carpenter or electrician should be able to install them using our detailed installation instructions that are supplied with every order. No modifications of the door or jamb are necessary when the correct opener is purchased.  They plug directly into a standard 110v outlet with the 9ft supplied power cord with a 20ft option available.

Should I use the model 4300 or model 2300 opener?
•    The model 2300 opener is for all residential applications and the 4300 unit is used in all commercial & public applications. Both handicap door opener models function very well when installed in the correct application.

Are your openers ADA compliant?
•    Yes our model 4300 is ADA compliant when correctly installed and this is one of the reasons it is used in public applications.

What else will I need to complete my installation?
•    You will need to decide what type of switch to use in operating either of our units. We offer a choice of wall button switches (wired or wireless), single button remote controls (similar to a garage door opener) and coded keypad options.
•    If the door is latched (does not swing freely) you will also require an electric strike which is connected to the opener and pushes the latch away from the door jamb when it receives a signal to open. Without this the unit will just reset itself as a result of too much resistance because the latch does not free itself from the strike. This helps avoid damage to the equipment.
•    If you select a wireless switch with our Model 4300, the factory will need to install an additional wireless receiver in the unit to accept the wireless signal. Our 2300 residential units include the wireless receiver at no additional cost and when ordering the 4300 commercial unit you will need to add the wireless receiver separately.

Will I need a door closer with my automatic door opener?
•    Our Model 4300 pushes or pulls the door open when signaled to do so. In order for the door to operate without resistance when opened without the opener, the arm does not attach to the door. As a result a separate door closer is required to close the door. We offer high quality, adjustable, weather resistant door closers that function very well with our openers.
•    The arm of the Model 2300 residential unit is attached to the door. As a result it opens and closes the door so a door closer is not necessary. In this case resistance will be felt when opening and closing the door without the automatic function.

Do your switches and accessories work with other openers or applications?
•    This is not our area of expertise and we are not able to guarantee a positive result. As a result we recommend seeking some other solution if you are not using one of our door openers. Items purchased from us for use with other manufacturer's equipment are not returnable.

Do the openers install on the door or on the wall above?
•    We offer both door and jamb-mount units. The jamb mount pushes the door open and the door mount pulls it open. In all cases our openers must be installed inside and out of the weather.

Can I install my automatic door opener on an out-swing or in-swing door?
•    Yes both the residential and commercial openers work well on either application & can be installed on a left or right hinge door as well as on the push or pull side of a door.

Are your models installed on the inside or outside of the door?
•    To prevent damage from weather exposure and possible vandalism all our openers must be installed inside.

Do you have an exterior switch that can be installed exposed to weather?
•    Our #4495SQWR wall switch is designed for exposure to weather and is recommended for all locations where the switch will be unprotected from the elements.

Is manual use of the door affected by your automatic door openers?
•    Our two models are designed for different applications and should be ordered accordingly.
•    The arm of the Model 4300 only comes in contact with the door or jamb when it receives a signal to open the door. At all other times the door swings freely which is why this is the best application for commercial and public applications where the door will be used more often manually.
•    The arm of the Model 2300 is attached permanently the door and although geared at a high ratio like a 5th gear in a car, there will always be some resistance on the door when opened manually. This unit is best for residential and individual use applications when the door will be used a majority of the time on the automatic function.

Where are your automatic door openers manufactured?
•    All our models are US made and have been manufactured for over 30 years in Hartford, CT.

How long will it take before I receive my order?
•    Both the models typically ship from our East Coast factory in 2-3 weeks. Expedited production in the factory "may" also be available for an additional $150 (when available) which will reduce the production time to only 2-3 days from receipt of order in our factory (EDT). Our Free shipping includes UPS Ground which can take 2-6 days to deliver (once it ships) based on distance from our factory. If you need overnight or two day air, please call us for a quote.

Can the door opener hold-open time be adjusted?
•    Yes both our models can be manually adjusted for a hold open up to 30 seconds or set to require a manual signal to close when the user is ready.

Do you offer after sales support?
•    We are committed to all our customers ordering the right equipment and the accessories necessary for a trouble-free installation. As a result we offer excellent technical and customer support before and after the purchase. We would prefer that a customer not purchase from us rather than have a negative experience.




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