Considerations When Buying a Wheelchair Tub or Handicap Bath Tub

With so many manufacturers of handicapped tubs available today what does one look for in purchasing the right handicap bath tub? Following are some of the most important considerations:

    Are their handicapped bath tubs manufactured in the US and if not how is warranty work handled? Many manufacturers have some parts or possibly all of their disabled bathtubs manufactured off-shore to keep prices down. While the goal of lower pricing is achieved these handicapped tubs may be of inferior quality.
    How good is the warranty on their disabled bathtubs and how long will my handicap bathtub be guaranteed for? A warranty is only as good as the company standing behind their handicapped bath tubs it and if they don’t have a commitment to customer service your bathtubs handicapped experience may prove to be a nightmare. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the door seal but only 1-5 years on the rest of the handicap bathtub. There are a few companies such as Best Bath tubs who offer a Lifetime Warranty on their entire line of handicapped bathtubs. As they have been in business for 40 years their commitment has value.
  What quality of pump is included with their disabled bathtubs and how quite is it while operating? Once again Idaho based Best Bath tubs offers a 10 year warranty on their pump which is also the quietest on the market. Most manufacturers of offering a wheelchair tub or handicap bathtub typically only offer a 1-5 year warranty on their pumps.
    When ordering a jet system with a handicap bath tub will it include a heat pump system to help maintain water temperature while using the handicap bathtub? This is necessary to allow a user to enjoy the therapy advantages afforded by most handicapped bathtubs without the need to draw more hot water from the system which may not have replenished the hot water supply.
    Will my hot water heater system be large enough to supply the needs of my wheelchair bathtub? Depending on the operating capacity of their handicapped bath tubs you may not be able to fill your handicap bath tub to full operating capacity with enough hot water.
    Will my door openings accommodate the width of their handicapped tubs? If you have a 30” door, a 30” handicap bath tub will not pass through this space. In this case you may need to purchase a tub such as a 26” unit to fit through your doors.
    What are my choices of color options for my handicap bathtub or wheelchair bathtub? Most manufacturers only offer white and off white with their bathtubs handicapped. However Idaho based Best Bath tubs offers around 253 color choice options with their disabled bathtubs.
    Does the manufacturer offer an out-swing door wheelchair bathtub for users who need to transfer from a wheelchair? The standard walkin tub does not work for users who are unable to step over a curb. If you are able to complete a lateral transfer from a wheelchair then a wheelchair tub may be the right choice of handicap bathtub for you. These types of disabled bathtubs will also accommodate the needs of large users.